Google Assistant: Some users are experiencing serious problems

After its launch in 2016, Google Assistant has come a long way. It can not only power tens of thousands of smart home gadgets, it can also entertain you with calls. These qualities have made it an integral part of users’ lives around the world. Unfortunately, for some of them, on all tablets, including Android / iOS smartphones and even smart displays / speakers, it was not available.

Launching Google Assistant on the computer returns a “Can’t reach Google right now” or “Something went wrong” error for certain apps. And after attempting routine remedies, such as restarting the smartphone, clearing the cache / files, upgrading the software or flipping between cell data and WiFi, the problem continues.

A issue impacting some users is Google Assistant,
Smart speakers also emit error codes such as “Something went wrong” or “A technical problem has occurred” aside from smartphones. Compared to laptops, smart displays pose further issues when they don’t go past the white start-up screen.

The cool thing is that Google Assistant ceases working on all computers until the user gets hit with the bug. The only solution that seems to work is to sign up with a separate Google account, as stated by 9to5Google. This indicates that a Google account issue may be the glitch.

For what it’s worth, this issue seems to have arisen shortly after an authentication device failure last week hit Google’s services. If this is relevant to the topic under discussion, though, is uncertain. Fortunately, a specialist on the assistant’s assistance forum noted that “the Google support team is aware of this problem.”

Although there is no clear deadline for resolving this issue, we expect it will be resolved quickly.