Google Fit: The most current version deletes those functionality

Just a few weeks back the new edition of Google Fit created a major UI update.

9:41 PM GMT, Sunday, December 6, 2020

Just a few weeks back the new edition of Google Fit created a major UI upgrade. The upgrade added improved features and sleep monitoring, but it seems like the opportunity to monitor weight lifting is gone.

As the Android Police team has noted, the new models of the app will no longer keep count of how many reps you have completed during weight training. Users around the world lament about the difficulties with the elimination of social media and Reddit functions.

Google Suit. Some features have been omitted from the update
In addition, the opportunity to track rest periods has also evidently vanished, which is a major concern for those who train. But essentially, when you’re doing weight lifting, Google Fit version 2.45 does not have the potential to detect any single rep automatically. Even in pairs, there are no rest cycles.

Your heart rate and exercise time will be tracked when you pick ‘Strength Training’ or ‘Weight Lifting’. AP states that only one temporary approach to the restoration of advanced weight lifting targets remains. The remedy is to remove the new changes to the Wear OS watch for the Google Fit app.

You’ll still need the companion mobile app to be uninstalled and downgraded, then toggle off automated notifications to make sure you have the choice. For a fairly significant feature, it’s a disappointing workaround. We’re not quite sure why rep monitoring inside Google Fit on Wear OS will be eliminated from the weight training choices.