Google (GOOGL.US) has hired executives from Intel (INTC.US) to lead its chip division

Google (GOOG.US) reported today that it has hired long-time Intel (INTC.US) executive Uri Frank (Uri Frank) as vice president to lead its custom chip division, according to Zhitong Finance APP. Frank has worked at Intel for more than 20 years, according to records, and his most recent job was Vice President of Design Engineering Group.

Frank will be in charge of Google’s custom chip division in Israel. Google’s self-built chips have a long history, dating back to the launch of the first batch of TensorFlow chips in 2015. In 2018, it entered the video processing chip market, and in 2019, it added OpenTitan, an open source chip with a security focus.

Frank’s role will be to draw on previous experience and collaborate with customers and partners to create new custom chip architectures. Google plans to step away from purchasing motherboard parts from various suppliers and instead create its own “machine on a chip,” or SoC, which it believes would increase productivity significantly.