Google reveals vulnerability to iPhones! Without touch, details can be stolen, and Apple has fixed

Recently, a senior information security expert from Google noticed a significant flaw in Apple cell phones and other smartphones, according to the ‘Russia Today’ website and several international media reports: all consumer information can be reached without touching the mobile phone. Receive.

12:29 GMT, Saturday, December 5, 2020

The key point of the flaw, according to the above-mentioned writers, is a network protocol by Apple called AWDL for short.

This network protocol is currently used for Apple cell phones, laptops, watches and other gadgets. For example, Apple users can transfer images and files via AirDrop to other Apple devices.

image source: wikipedia

Google researchers successfully handled an Apple cell phone in the next room in 6 months using the loopholes in the protocol. It only took about 2 minutes for the whole invasion operation.

You can view all of the data on the phone after the attack, including browsing files, uploading images, and even turning on the security and tracking camera and microphone.

Researchers believe that not only do hackers not have to access the computer, they don’t even have to see the device.

On Monday, Ian Bill, a member of the aforementioned Google team announced that iPhones and other Apple gadgets could be remotely hacked and turned into surveillance tools by May. In May this year, Apple said they had patched this flaw in the new system.

Perhaps more terrifying is that hackers also have a way to restart the AWDL protocol even though the user closes it.

Bill remembered that the use of directional antennas and other strategies for improving transmission could significantly extend the spectrum of such attacks.

Around the same time, he has said that while it took him six months to complete the intrusion, the whole intrusion process would be quicker until he has a bigger company or squad, so consumers do need to be careful.

Apple was asked during this incident. While Apple claimed that in the latest framework in May it had patched this vulnerability, Google researchers claim that the company did not warn consumers of this vulnerability. Absolutely ignorant, too.