Google workers declared the formation of a labor union and tensions between management have increased

Employees of Google and its parent company Alphabet officially declared on Monday that they had formed a “Alphabet Workers Union” (Alphabet Union). Analysts say this has escalated the conflict over the years between Google staff and administrators.

The Alphabet Workers Union announced that, regardless of their position or rank, it would be available to both employees and contractors. The union may collect fees for registration, fund the organizers’ wages, and have an independent board of directors.

The creation of the Alphabet Employees Union is an unusual move for major American Internet firms, according to industry insiders. The “Communications Workers Of America” is also sponsored by the union, and Google staff entering the Alphabet Workers Union will also become part of the “Communications Workers Of America.”

In a tweet, Google software engineer Dylan Baker said: “We will hire skilled organizers to ensure that all Google employees know if they really want to see their company embody their values. , You can work with us.”

Analysts claim that the influence of business leaders will be constrained by a successful Alphabet union and cause similar attempts in Silicon Valley. So far, corporations in Silicon Valley have essentially stopped establishing trade unions. Alphabet Workforce Union said it would concentrate on topics such as employee benefits, classification of employees, and particular occupations in which Google is working.

The declaration did not clarify whether the union would request majority approval from Alphabet’s workers, official recognition by Alphabet, or collective bargaining with the organization.

Google has had several disagreements with workers in recent years, including the deal reached between Google and the military