Google’s Play Store now has better apps thanks to a new feature

After the release of the Google news that will make everybody insane, the Play Store apps will be better. Here’s what it’s made up of.

In several ways, the Google Play Store has changed dramatically in recent years. From better graphics management to appropriate device configuration, reviews, and security profiles, we’ve come a long way.

The countless applications that have been perfected over time from various points of view are undoubtedly at the heart of the Android experience. Today, GigG intends to add another crucial component to the user experience with the use of a feature dubbed App Install Optimization by the developer. Let’s find out what it is right away.

How to Boost the Performance of Android Apps in the Play Store
In recent years, the Mountain View firm’s goal has been to provide for a targeted reduction in the size of apps. Appropriate optimizations of the code and services downloaded locally on the computers have played a critical role.

In this regard, the latest Google initiative expands this method of operation with a functionality that has been proven to be truly genius. Based on indirect user feedback, this component will enable Google to predict which parts of an app will be used first after installation.

The following are the key advantages of using this new system:

faster app installation time major reduction in the time taken to operate the resource decreasing the amount of CPU, battery, and storage space used
Google guarantees that no user data will be stored as part of this feature, as described in the Play Store privacy policy. The information, on the other hand, will be combined with that of other users in order to draw a pattern and determine the apps’ functional priorities. This item is not yet online, but it will be soon. Stay tuned for more details.