GTA: San Andreas has been reimagined to run on PlayStation 5

Here’s how if Rockstar Games were to launch a remastered version, GTA: San Andreas will run on PlayStation 5 .

Certainly that of Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular sagas in the gaming world. The titles developed by Rockstar Games are staples of modern gaming and beyond. In reality, each new chapter reflects a further step forward from the point of view of both the material and the graphic presentation.

Although the developers’ focus is all to GTA Online and to the realization of GTA VI in this era, users do not want to forget one of the historical masterpieces.

A YouTuber has chosen to modernly reimagine GTA: San Andreas . A false trailer of a fictional Definitive Version of the game can be seen on your channel. The game’s remastered version allows you to blend the original story with greatly updated graphics.

As far as we know, considering the concept we would love to do, Rockstar Games is certainly not undertaking such a project.

Use different Plugins to render the trailer in order to use the GTA characters and locations: San Andreas was upgraded with new textures.