Hackers attacked the center of Gamaleya during the development of the Sputnik V vaccine

Alexander Gunzburg, the director of the Gamaleya Centre, said that some months earlier, hacker attacks were carried out on the organization. He said this in the film “Dangerous Virus” by Naili Asker-zade. “Vaccines” on “Russia 1” channel…

According to him, as a Russian vaccine against a new form of coronavirus was being made, there were hacker attacks on the center.

I am not an IT expert, so I do not presume to judge the intent of these attacks objectively, but there have certainly been attempts to hack the computers of our developers, “Gunzburg said.”

In addition, more than 32 million cases have been registered globally since the onset of the pandemic, more than 24 million have survived and more than 990,000 patients have died. More than 1.1 million individuals with COVID-19 have now been identified in Russia. According to President Vladimir Putin of Russia, the country is ranked 40th in the world in terms of the number of incidents per 100,000 people, and 100th in terms of the number of deaths. Moreover, the Russian Federation was the first country to record a vaccine against COVID-19 in the world. The drug was developed in collaboration with the Russian Direct Investment Fund by NITsEM, named after Gamaleya. They called it Sputnik V.