Hanmi Pharm wins the first K-ICT information protection excellence award in the pharmaceutical and bio industry

Excellent evaluation such as preemptive information management system… Achievement.

Hanmi Pharm was the first in the pharmaceutical bio industry to receive the Innovation Award of ‘Nil’ in information and safety-related injuries in the ‘K-ICT Security Security Award’, the most coveted information protection award.

16:27 GMT, Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The K-ICT Information Security Award, which this year marks its 19th year, is a prize awarded by the Ministry of Science and ICT to companies and individuals who practice raising awareness of information safety and autonomous protection of information. Owing to the spread of Corona 19 this year the award ceremony was skipped.

For the first time in the pharmaceutical industry, Hanmi Pharm won the award as a part of the three-stage assessment by the Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Research of Japan, ICT and ICT of excellence in information security management, information protection technology and the ability to respond to violation events.

In preparation for the growing challenge of cyber terrorism and information leakage affecting pharmaceutical bio-companies, Hanmi Pharm has developed and introduced a comprehensive and autonomous information security management system.

In particular, at the award, Hanmi Pharm received an excellent assessment for the activity of a committed information protection agency (Information Protection Committee) and the development of a self-developed information protection mechanism for new drugs. In fact, two years before the official operations of the Information Protection Committee started, there were no violations of the protection of information, leaks of sensitive information or security accidents.

Hanmi Pharm also won ISO27001 (International Information Security Management System) certification for the first time in the domestic pharmaceutical industry in 2018, in addition to this recognition.

Hanmi Pharm CEO Jongsoo Woo said, “Through this award, our efforts to solidify a sustainable management model by establishing a global information protection system have been recognized.” I would do my utmost to become better.