Hapoalim Bank is developing a new investment track programs for start-up businesses

In recent months, the Bank has invested in three Israeli start-up firms as part of the Innovation Authority’s Track 43 program, which offers up to 40% insurance for high-tech investments. “We are considering increasing the amount we will spend in start-up firms,” says Avivit Bender, the bank’s head of business growth.

Bank Hapoalim has invested in three Israeli start-up firms as part of the Innovation Authority’s Track 43, which offers up to 40% insurance for investments in Israeli high-tech companies. The investment is made by Bank Hapoalim’s Innovation and Strategy Division, which is headed by Avivit Bender, the Innovation Division’s head of market growth and fintech.

The first $ 2 million investment in cyber Frsfsn Point (Perception Point) resulted in the creation of a solution that protects against any attack based on information, such as files, links, and text, attempting to breach the enterprise through e-mail or content-sharing networks.

The bank’s second investment, worth $ 3.5 million, was made as part of Round D of the well-known KRYON corporation RPA – Robotic Process Automation, in April 2021. Kryon has created workflow systems for businesses based on digital computing technologies, which involves “visual learning” about what is happening on the user’s computer and automating the process by “imitating” the user’s repetitive behaviour.

Bender’s third and final investment in the hairdresser is in the Laitico group, which is worth about $ 3 million. Laitico is a tech provider that has created a series of tools to optimize the consumer experience for businesses that run in a B2C model at different points in their systems where they interact with their customers (electronic signing, document sharing, payment execution and more).

This is the launch of our investments under Section 43, according to Avivit Bender, and we are considering raising the sum we will invest in start-up firms. We are currently allocating about NIS 40 million, and we want to contact the Authority to raise the amount of insurance we have earned to 150 million NIS, and then increase our participation in start-up companies in parallel with our investment in Israeli venture capital funds.