Hard drives with a size of more than 3ZB are available from Seagate: ten-terabyte hard drives

HDD mechanical hard drives have no benefit over SSD hard drives in comparison. Just three big corporations in the world are capable of manufacturing mechanical hard drives. Seagate is the first, and the market share is either first or second. HDD hard drives are also important for data centers in the mass storage industry. Seagate recently celebrated a new milestone. They delivered hard drives with a size of more than 3ZB.

What exactly is this idea? When translated to Exos 10TB hard disk, 1EB equals 1000EB, 1000PB equals 1000PB, 1000PB equals 1000TB, which is 3 billion TB, or 300 million.

The thickness of a 10TB hard drive is 147mm, and 300 million hard drives are attached to a length of more than 44,100 kilometers, which is more than enough to orbit the planet. The earth’s equator is 40,000 kilometers long, so these hard drives are more than enough to circle the earth.

Furthermore, the first EB storage took Seagate 36 years to ship from conception to 2015, while the second ZB took 4 years to complete and was released in 2019. Now that the third ZB power has only been used for two years, the time will be cut in half in the future.