Hefei Changxin is scheduled to become the fourth biggest 17 nm memory DRAM factory in the world next year

A significant domestic breakthrough in the memory and flash memory area occurred in 2019.

Mass-produced 64-layer 3D flash memory by Yangtze River Storage, and mass-produced DDR4 memory by Hefei Changxin.

Next year, the latter is scheduled to become the 4th largest DRAM memory chip factory in the world.

Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron represent more than 95 per cent of the market in the DRAM memory chip industry.

Samsung accounted for about 44 percent, and SK Hynix accounted for about 30 percent, taking the latest Q2 as an example.

Micron is around 21 percent, giving other manufacturers very little room.

Currently Nanya Technology is the fourth largest memory manufacturer in the world. Previously it was Huayake.

But Micron has fully acquired Huayake. Nanya, fifth-largest producer of memory, it was promoted to fourth, but its share is approximately 3%. Their production volume, however, is just 70,000 wafers / month.

This also offered a chance to quickly exceed Hefei Changxin. Digitima broke the news about the production of Hefei Changxin By the end of this year, capacity may exceed 70,000 wafers / month, meaning they are expected to surpass Vietnam And becoming the 4th largest DRAM chip factory in the world.

Of course, as described earlier, the fourth position is actually far behind the top three, while Changxin does.

TOP3 producers are almost winner-takes-all and their potential for production is much higher than other firms.

Currently, the DDR4 / LPDDR4 / LPDDR4X chips produced by Changxin are mainly made of 19 nm process.

This will be 2-3 years behind as compared to Samsung and other firms. Changxin is also the gateway to improve level of technique.

The good news is that Changxin expects the 17 nm process memory chip to be completed by 2021, which is nearly equivalent to the 1Xnm method of the industry, and may continue to increase memory capacity density.

The Anhui semiconductor industry, represented by Changxin, according to previous official information: ”The development of low-power and high-rate LPDDR5 DRAM products will be encouraged in the next 2-3 years”.

This will be independent of the DRAM memory chips for smartphone , tablet and industrial mid-to-high-end devices.

Develop advanced low-power , high-rate LPDDR5 products and carry out industrialisation to control demand.

Based on DRAM 17 nm and below operation , high speed interface study, architecture of the Bank Group. Development technology, low-power (voltage) technology, encoding technology on chip error correction, complete the production of high-end LPDDR5 DRAM low-power devices.

The cumulative expenditure of the project Hefei Changxin Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Base according to the details over 31.96 billion dollar. The site is located in the Economic Demonstration Zone of Hefei Airport which covers an area of around 15.2 square kilometres. The basis for the development of the Changxin 12-inch memory wafer, the integrated airport circuit supporting an industrial park, the international airport town is composed of 3 zones.

Among them, the Changxin 12-inch memory wafer base project is the first design and manufacture of DRAMs

Integrated mass production project in mainland China and the largest single-investment project. Industrial project in the province of Anhui, with a cumulative expenditure of approximately 21.79 billion dollar The park lies west of the center, with a total investment of over 20 billion yuan;

International Town is situated north of the foundation, with 9.2 square kilometers of planted land area, Total planned construction area of 4.2 million square metres, with a total investment of some 7.26 billion dollar.