Hey, this not a movie ! Robots from Boston Dynamics learnt to dance

The company’s staff shot a recording of the 1962 rock and roll hit with the incendiary dance of robots.

In an incendiary dance of their robots, the Boston Dynamics corporation greeted everybody on the New Year holidays. The business posted the dance video on its YouTube page.

To mark the beginning of a year that we think will be healthier, our whole team has come together. Happy New Years from all workers of Boston Dynamics,” the caption to the video reads.

A party of robots danced to Do You Love Me by The Contours, the 1962 rock and roll hit.

The “sad” robot Atlas is in the frame at the beginning of the video, after which it begins dancing. Gradually, the same robot, robot dog Spot, and wheeled robot Handle are joined in the dance.

The Walt Disney Corporation has previously been claimed to have created a robot that imitates a person’s facial gestures, blinks and shakes his head “involuntarily”

Also, during the unloading and loading of the Fyodor robot by the cosmonauts, an air leak through a crack in the Russian Zvezda module could occur on the International Space Station.