Ho.mobile reported to AGCOM:”The portability is slowing down!”

Following the data breach that placed the confidential data of ho.mobile subscribers , Vodafone’s low cost virtual operator at risk , the company gets concerns from some rivals. Among these, Fastweb and Iliad to submit to AGCOM what seems to be a slowdown in portability. Let’s see in depth what happened.

Ho.Mobile complaint to the AGCOM, the portability case
Il Sole 24 Ore posted on the application of Iliad and Fastweb for AGCOM in favour of ho.Mobile. The fee will be the practice of the operator of anti-free-competitive activities that tend to slow down and discourage users from abandoning the co-page. In reality, several customers have begun disclosing inefficiencies on the numbers to other providers.

The explanation is also due to ho.Mobile deciding to modify its ICCID, the code for a remote SIM identity, which wanted to physically replace the card in a shop. A solution for the immediate application of protection and relaxation of physical storage stresses. In reality, the latter was short of SIM cards and generated additional dissatisfaction among consumers. The maneuver just delayed or halted the activities of portability. 70 percent of back orders are also listed. In this situation, the company uses SMS to report the operating failure:

Your portability request was unsuccessful. Remember to use the new ICCID serial number that you can request by sending an SMS with “serial” to 342407221.

She then justified the incident with Il Sole 24 Ore with the following words:

To improve customer protection, on January 9 ho.Mobile regenerated the SIM serial code of the customers concerned, except those with portability in progress. In cases of unsuccessful portability due to incorrect serial code, the customer immediately gets the SMS to receive his own serial code in real time. The portability management capability was also automatically improved.

Iliad and Fastweb, however, claim that in this way the organization has all the time to produce ” retention ” practices, aimed at proposing reparations that retain the client, therefore playing really dirty.