Horoscope 2021: No Simple Money for Ox

Forecast of money and job opportunities in the year of the White Metal Ox for all signs of the zodiac.

The hard-working and persistent White Metal Bull, who does not prefer fast money, will date the next year He will help those who are willing to put a lot of effort into their job and are not desperate for fast benefit. Therefore in terms of executing long-term initiatives, the year would be good.

For technological discoveries and the introduction of brilliant ideas, this is the right moment.

In 2021, it is advisable to schedule big transactions and significant items in advance for all zodiac signs and try not to make spontaneous choices when it comes to finances.

Avoiding gambling, bribery and rash spending is advisable.

What the Ox Year promises in financial terms for each sign of the zodiac in 2021:

Aries (march 21 – april 20)

The Ox favors Aries, so in 2021 they will expect an improvement in their financial situation. However, do not forget that Aries are very contradictory: they have enough energy to earn and save money, but at one point they are ready to take off their last shirt, just to get what they want.

If the Rat is the patroness of the outgoing year, condescending to such impulsive spending, then the Ox does not allow this. Aries should learn financial discipline and planning.

At the same time, they will be successful in entrepreneurial activity and even several sources of profit may appear.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Taurus can also look forward to an increase in capital in the Year of the Ox. The patron saint of 2021 cares about their personal, family and financial well-being.

At the same time, the stars urge Taurus to be more economical and think about their spending. Money comes into the personal use of the sign and should not be risked in various financial projects.

Taurus are talented businessmen, but they often lack patience and tenacity. There may come a moment when Taurus suddenly needs money, so it is advisable to prepare a “safety cushion” in advance.

Gemini (may 22 – june 21)

Gemini is not expected to have financial problems in 2021, but the stars recommend that they be responsible for their expenses and learn to manage the budget correctly.

“Office” representatives of the sign do not need to try to jump over their heads, but rather find alternative sources of income. Any new areas are unlikely to bring untold wealth, but they will make good money.

To succeed in business, Gemini needs to stop panicking, get the right direction, and learn endurance.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

The financial situation of a cautious and economical Cancer in 2021 will be stable. No dramatic growth in cash is expected, but no sudden spending is expected.

Representatives of the sign can receive money that has long been forgotten (old debt) and successfully invest it. You will also be able to make many useful purchases, make repairs and buy large furniture.

At the same time, it is important for Cancer not to get carried away with spending. The best advice you can give him is to manage your capital wisely.

Leo (july 23 – august 22)

Lions, accustomed to living in a big way, may face discomfort in 2021. They should give up expensive gifts and minor expenses, so as not to be left with an empty wallet.

It is important to rely only on yourself and not look for easy ways to get rich (do not take loans, do not gamble).

Leos can start a new business or get a major promotion.

Virgo (august 23 – september 22)

For rational and calculating Virgos, 2021 promises prosperity and success in terms of finance. They will be able to invest free funds in business projects.

Virgos are liked by the Ox for their ability to take care of profit, bargain, save and earn. Therefore, in any undertaking, the sign will receive a green light.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libra should do hoarding. Savings will be a good economic foundation for the family and help to realize global plans.

At the beginning of the year, Libra can receive serious capital from the Ox, but he will no longer be so generous. Those who want to increase their fortune will have to work hard.

You should be wary of offers to invest and trust your intuition.

Scorpio (october 23 – november 22)

For Scorpios, 2021 promises major acquisitions and deals. It is worth listening to your inner voice and thinking through each action three steps ahead in order to increase your finances.

Scorpios are natural born businessmen. As soon as they have funds , they put them into circulation and make a profit, no matter what. Such confidence may not play into the hands of the sign when he decides to risk a large amount.

There may be a moment when Scorpio will have to turn to borrowed money.

Sagittarius (november 23 – december 21)

Streltsov expects a rather favorable year in terms of finances, but it is important not to succumb to the temptation of impulsive purchases.

The Year of the Ox will help Sagittarius discover reserves within themselves that will greatly propel them forward. At the same time, the stars advise them to be more frugal and find a balance between desires and possibilities.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

For Capricorns, 2021 is the perfect time to close current needs. The dream of repairing, buying a fur coat, updating a car – it ‘s time to solve these issues in the Year of the Ox.

Depending on how competently Capricorns will manage the budget, the sign will be able to either increase its capital or lose money. The main thing is not to go to extremes, to keep the golden mean in expenses and not to take risks.

Best of all, the situation will develop for those Capricorns, whose profession is directly related to the turnover of large capitals.

The stars advise Capricorns to cut back on fun to save energy and build up strength for the next year.

Aquarius (january 21 – february 19)

The financial success of Aquarius in 2021 depends only on themselves, primarily on their ability to communicate.

Aquarius has enough money for everything, but if you want to increase your finances, you can always invest in financial projects that promise to be successful.

The sign should not be afraid to take responsibility and be proactive.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

The Year of the Ox will give Pisces the opportunity to make good money. The main thing is not to miss the chance.

It is worth agreeing to profitable job offers, even if they require more time and effort. Activity and attentiveness in financial matters will bear fruit for Pisces.

It is important for the sign to share its ideas and plans with others – this can help in the implementation of the project.

Pisces, who are employed, the stars promise new career achievements.