How do ants group earn a net income of 12448.74 million dollar/1 day in 2020

The Ant Group made a surprise attack as the Chinese Valentine’s Day approached getting off work hours and published a highly anticipated prospectus.

This is the first time Ant has fully disclosed its core data and plans for the future such as business market and revenues.

Ant ‘s income from 2017 to 2019, in terms of sales, was 65,396 billion yuan, 85,722 billion yuan, and 120,618 billion yuan, respectively, Revenues were 72.528 billion yuan in the first half of 2020. As for net profit, there were 8,205 billion yuan in 2017-2019, 2,156 billion yuan,

And 18.072 billion yuan each. In the first half of 2020 the net income was 21,923 billion yuan, equivalent to 120 million yuan a day. Which Ant Group corporate income has the most income?

It has been linked to Huabei and Boraibe Ant Group have announced their prospectus. Ant ‘s revenue was 72.5 billion yuan from January to June this year and its net profit was attributable to the parent company numbered 21.23 billion yuan. And what exactly is the company with such high sales and profits.

Ant Group has stated, according to the prospectus, that the company’s revenue comes from digital payment and merchant services , digital financial services Platforms for technology, creative companies and others, as follows: Its digital payment business revenue in the first half of 2020 amounted to 26,011 billion yuan, representing 35.86 per cent; digital financial technology platform revenue It amounted to 45,972 billion yuan, representing 63,39%; innovative business and other income amounted to 544 million yuan, representing 0,75%.

In particular, the revenue from the digital payment business comes mainly from the transaction service fees charged by the merchants and the transaction Platforms on the basis of a certain percentage of the transaction scale for domestic commercial transactions; Service charges and revenue generated for cross-border commercial transactions This also pays the fees and creates financial transaction profits

Private purchases (e.g. loans, credit card refunds, etc.). The business has also begun to get a certain amount of revenue Business sales, and merchant service revenue is expected to continue to rise.