How do scammers kill victims of pigs: get followers, get credit, lead, “kill pigs”

The scammer would complete the scam in four steps in the “killing pig plate” fraud process.

  1. From powdering. Scammers set themselves up on social media to encourage others to add mates, young, attractive, or wealthy male profile.
  2. To win trust. By inquiring about warmth and purchasing presents, the scammers used the scripts to win the favor of the victim and build faith.
  3. Induction. Induction As a bait to persuade victims to download and use financial monitoring software and get tiny incentives, scammers use their potential to gain high profits on other applications. Fourth, “kill the pig” The scammer uses the guise of “high investment and high return” to further manipulate the client into making major investments after the victim has made a profit, and leaves entirely after the money is in place.