Huawei has launched the Hongmeng OS cell phone developer UI beta version, which is exactly the same as the new one

Huawei today announced the official launch of the Beta edition of Hongmeng OS, a mobile phone developer, on December 16.

Linked test videos demonstrate that in terms of system UI, Hongmeng OS is practically compatible with the current EMUI11.

Huawei previously announced that in April 2021, the Hongmeng System will open source 128MB-4GB memory terminal devices and open source all devices above 4GB after October 2021. Huawei smartphones will be completely upgraded to Hongmeng 2.0.0. help by 2021.

Huawei’s Consumer Market Tech Department President Wang Chenglu said The epoch-making HarmonyOS reconstructs the relationship between individuals, devices, and scenarios.” It would no longer be the product that determines the user’s use scenarios in the future, but the user’s scenario that dictates the device’s form.

Not only is HarmonyOS adding more system inputs for consumers to acquire application services, it will also add new super services and super apps to create a subversive life experience.

Huawei reported that Huawei provided full assistance to developers participating in the creation of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, including support teams for developers, training classes, implementation materials, and community developers. More than 100,000 developers engaged in the empowerment programs of Huawei and actively contributed to the construction of the ecosystem of HarmonyOS. The Harmowei

Huawei believes that HarmonyOS’s innovative distributed technologies will also help hardware manufacturers accomplish industrial improvements to “product as a service” In the one hand, software is used to redefine the hardware, enabling a distinct smart interface for hardware users; on the other hand, it is possible to share the hardware capacities of the devices in the HarmonyOS network with each other, increasing the scope of secondary resources and increasing product added value.

Enable producers to access greater commercial space. More than 20 producers of hardware have already entered the ecological development of HarmonyOS.

Moreover, Wang Chenglu, head of the consumer market applications department of Huawei, said that Hongmeng OS is fitted with Midea, Joyoung, Boss Electronics, and Puffin Technology this year The target in 2021 is to cover more than 100 million smartphones from 40+ mainstream brands.

Yang Haisong, vice president of the consumer market tech department of Huawei, said that all Huawei self-developed products will update the Hongmeng system next year according to the current development, and customers do not need to buy new equipment to encounter the Hongmeng system. At the same time, smart phones based on the Hongmeng architecture will also be launched by Huawei next year.

Such implementation scenarios for the Hongmeng scheme include the following:

What if you want to cook yourself a tasty meal to treat yourself, but your body is honest and doesn’t want to get into the kitchen? It’s not necessary for you to go to the kitchen to prepare.

Unlimited connection possibilities”Unlimited Connection Possibilities” Via the central distributed technologies, the greatest breakthrough is to crack the boundaries between systems so that many devices can be merged into one device” and individuals, devices, and scenes can be integrated organically.