Human Credit Union,’Internet Newspaper and Quality Journalism Forum’ and’Press Awards Ceremony’

‘2020 Technology Honors Ceremony for Internet Reporting.

The forum was set up on this day to reinforce the confidence of Internet newspapers and to look for ways for sustainable growth. Bae Bae, Professor of Media Studies at Sookmyung Women’s University, stressed the need for a new standard of media ethics under the ‘Quality News and Media Code of Ethics’ theme and addressed the context and status of the development of the Media Ethics Charter (tentative name).

14:32 GMT, Friday, November 27, 2020

According to Professor Bae, three media organisations, including the Korea Journalism Association, the Korea Newspaper Editors Association, and the Korea Internet Newspaper Association, are leading the press to create a new standard that can be shared by all journalists regardless of media, area, scale, etc. The Charter of Ethics (tentative name) is being formulated.

Prof. Bae said The media ethics is to provide a moral compass amid the ethical dilemma that reporters face during reporting activities, and it must be constantly revised and supplemented to meet the changing standards of morality and values.”

Then under the theme of ‘Internet Newspaper Reliability and Digital Self-Disclosure Framework’, Seung-Hyun Yoo, a professor at the Hanyang University Graduate School of Journalism and Media, presented the findings of a study on policy initiatives to improve the confidence of internet newspapers. EXPLANED.

Professor Yoo points out the existing state and issues of Internet newspaper laws and processes, such as the registration system for Internet newspapers, article-type ads, and portal-oriented news environments, and argues for an Internet newspaper self-disclosure system run by a publicly trusted entity to enhance the credibility of Internet newspapers. Reported the outcomes of the study.

According to Professor Yoo, the self-disclosure method of Internet newspapers is a device that critically verifies and offers knowledge about Internet newspapers by a trustworthy third-party entity and can contribute to the right of people to know, to improve the media climate and to improve the content of Internet newspapers. Has. Did.

Chairman Lee Geun-young said in the opening speech of the ‘2020 Internet News Media Awards,’ “Through two presentations, I was able to look back on the social responsibilities of the media and the direction Internet newspapers should go in the midst of the Internet newspaper crisis.” The Newspaper Association will work together to ponder and aim for a better Internet newspaper future, to succeed.

At 6 p.m., on the other side, On this day, while consistent with the Corona 19 Mitigation Recommendations, the ‘2020 Online News Technology Awards’ award ceremony took place. Awards were awarded in two sections on this day: the Online newspaper division and the press section.

Choi Jeong-sik, Chairman of the i-Awards Committee, said The ‘Internet Newspaper Media Awards’ is an award created to promote the sustainable development of Internet newspapers and to raise the status of the Internet.” Dominance and inferiority is difficult to assess because during the analysis there were several different forms of preparation studies that were dealt with in detail.

You will find the disputed works and the winners of the ‘2020 Internet News Media Awards’ on the Korea Internet Newspaper Association website.