IBM acquires cloud consulting service provider Nordcloud to challenge Amazon and Microsoft

IBM revealed on Monday that it had purchased the Norwegian cloud consultancy service provider Nordcloud, according to reports, aiming to achieve an edge in the intensifying war on cloud computing. IBM did not reveal the transaction’s price.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Nordcloud currently has a turnover of approximately EUR 50 million (approximately USD 61 million) and a staff of more than 450. IBM said the deal would “enhance” the capability of its hybrid cloud consultancy.

In a tweet, John Granger, senior vice president and chief operating officer of IBM Global Business Services, said: “IBM’s acquisition of Nordcloud will strengthen our expertise and will drive our customers’ Digital transformation and support the further adoption of IBM’s hybrid cloud platform.”

The digital cloud industry has exploded in the past couple of years. Analysts from two major consulting firms, Gartner and IDC, estimate that by 2024, the worldwide technical cloud computing industry will hit US$ 200 billion.

IBM faces fierce competition from firms such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google in this region. IBM has been strengthening its cloud sector lately, too. IBM had acquired open source software vendor Red Hat (Red Hat) for $34 billion prior to this.

“IBM’s hybrid cloud approach complements our cloud-native approach to help customers migrate, manage and modernize in the cloud.”The hybrid cloud approach of IBM complements our cloud-native strategy to help customers migrate, manage and modernize in the cloud.

Herrera also said: ‘As an experienced participant in the new cloud environment, we collaborate to support our European customers across all public cloud providers. I am very glad to support the open and creative thinking of IBM and help broaden its global reach.