Iliad, end of the controversy: an awaited gift arrives for users

For Iliad owners, avoid the uproar. This question has been addressed over the past few months and a present is arriving for everybody.

In the last months of this year, Iliad has sought to receive the public’s nearly unanimous approval. The French operator is not only favored by low-cost prepaid telephony programs, but also by the additional facilities that complement the now-famous rechargeable service.

For the last two years, these additional programs have become the subject of publicity. In fact, the consumption plan for internet roaming in EU countries had a lot to say to many subscribers.

Iliad, user surprise: 4 Giga for roaming
Iliad also has to guarantee free Giga for grid connections in the European territorial region, in line with the other operators. Until a few months ago, the explanation for the conflict between the Iliad and the consumers was the lack of data available. Most subscribers had at their hands either 2 or 3 Gigas for the internet until last spring.

2020 was the true tipping point, though. In reality, for the Giga 40 bid, Iliad has changed the usage and roaming price lists. Both users who have selected this special promotion in the past, right from the spring months, will benefit from a 4 Giga connection in the EU Member States. The usage change would not require any incremental spending of EUR 6.99 left on the rechargeable price.