I’m amazed at the Xbox Series X, which is full of contents, usually a power supply unit with a “design you want to avoid”

Along with developers, Microsoft’s editorial department decommissioned the new game console “Xbox Series X” (Fig. 1). It is a hardware that is first modified in roughly 7 years from the previous “Xbox One” generation and which carries images of the state of disassembly operation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 8:38 GMT

Within the crackling housing
The Xbox Series X is 151 x 151 x 301 mm in dimensions. The look from the hand is vertically long and from above is circular. There are several openings in the top region (Fig. 2). There are several exhaust ports.

I first cut off the screws on the side to open the housing. The panel is then removed on the lateral surface (Fig. 3). There were sections in the interior of the housing. At the top there is an air conditioning fan, and at the bottom there is a power supply, a board, a heating drain, a drive etc. By cutting the screws at the back of the pedestal parts, the parts at the bottom may be replaced.

Screws were attached to the power plant, board party and heat sink and the rubber belt were attached to the power unit (Figure 4). Unknown is the particular explanation for the rubber band. “We should strive for the effect of providing adequate air flow in the heat-generating portion to increase the heat exhaust performance by reducing the distance between the housing and internal sections with this rubber strip,” the engineer speculates.

When I took out the fan and power supply unit, a “switch screen” fitted with an infrared port, a USB port, a power switch, etc. emerged from the back of the housing ( Fig. 5 ). The switch board is coated with resin pieces. The frame has a wavy section and the board switch is pressed by the box-like part that is connected to the top. The spring of the turn is the wavy sections processed.

A clear resin plate was trapped when I cut the cable attached to the switchboard (Fig. 6). It may be used to organize the wires in a staircase form to make the product simpler to assemble.