In Russia, the warranty period for a big video card maker has been cut in half

MSI has cut the warranty duration for tens of thousands of ruble video cards in Russia by six quarters, from three to six months. Although the company did not provide an explanation for such drastic changes, other manufacturers are not in a rush to follow its lead. A two-year warranty, a new unit, or a refund are both options under the Consumer Protection Law.

Higher premiums mean a shorter warranty.
Micro-Star International (MSI, Taiwan), a major player in the global computer industry, has announced that the warranty period for the vast majority of its modern video cards would be drastically reduced. These updates, which she detailed on her website, apply solely to Russia: customers who purchase an MSI accelerator no longer have access to the previous three years of warranty.

Instead of 36 months, MSI cards now have a six-month warranty period, during which all repairs, including those arising from a factory malfunction, will be carried out at the buyer’s expense.

The revisions did not include all video card models; budget accelerators were already covered by a full warranty at the time the material was released.

What video cards were affected?
Users would have to accept a minimum warranty when buying 18 graphics cards, six of which are based on AMD Radeon graphics and 12 of which are based on Nvidia GeForce graphics. This list includes cards that were designed for cryptocurrency mining as well as those that were originally designed for video games.