India’s digital payment app Paytm was removed by Google for violating the prohibition on gambling

Google pulled the mobile payment application of Paytm, an Indian financial technology company backed by SoftBank and Alibaba, from the Android store on Friday, local time in the United States, due to its numerous breaches of Google’s gambling prohibition policy.

Suzanne Frey, Google’s product vice president, Android protection and privacy, said in a blog post: “We don’t allow online casinos and don’t endorse any unauthorized gaming applications that render sports betting easier. If an app directs consumers to an external website which allows them to take part in paid events in order to win cash prizes, it is against our policy.

Frey also said: “We have different policies in place to protect users from any possible damage. If an app breaches these rules, we will inform the developer of the infringement and delete the app from the app store before the developer complies with the application. In the event of repeated policy breaches, we can take more restrictive measures like terminating developer accounts. All developers are protected by our policy.’

In this blog post, the name of Paytm was not listed, but Google separately reported the news that Paytm was removed due to a breach of its policies.

Paytm said on Twitter that its Android app is currently unable to be downloaded or updated in the Google App Store. But the company said it “will be back soon” and told users that their money was totally safe. At the same time, Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Vijay Shekhar Sharma), the co-founder and CEO of Paytm, also accused Google of hindering its acquisition of new users.

Paytm is a leader in India’s digital payment industry, selling a range of products from digital gold to insurance, as well as shifting to state-supported payment networks. With more than 50 million monthly active users, Paytm is one of the most highly regarded startups in India. Its subtitle app that had been competing with Google Pay in India also disappeared earlier Friday from the Google App Store.