Industrial site safety management now makes it smart

Smart protection monitoring system ‘on-site supply. A smart safety management framework has been developed by POSCO ICT that can track and evaluate the outcomes by incorporating all safety management operations at industrial sites. We go into the distribution of the area.

22:34 GMT, Friday, November 27, 2020

The smart safety management framework of POSCO ICT facilitates the coordinated implementation and management of safety management activities that need to be undertaken at production and building sites and supports the exchange and utilization of related knowledge by both staff and management at the site. Uh, do so.

The smart safety management framework combines workplace-scattered safety management programs, such as process safety management, work authorization, facilities management and monitoring, safety preparation, and partner management, into one and delivers everything from preparation to execution, inspection, and enhancement steps. It is distinguished, in addition to supporting operations, by allowing consolidated enterprise-level activity by linking with other business structures.

In particular, the gain is that the device can be installed and serviced at a more manageable expense in a limited period of time by standardizing security monitoring practices checked at multiple locations and developing them in a kit form. In addition, as it is composed of modular modules, it is possible to pick and implement only the required functions customized to reflect the requirements of each business site and to accommodate different devices such as smartphones and tablets. Open technologies with rich experience in safety management in the oil and chemical fields was involved in the production of the solution in order to improve knowledge and practice win-win cooperation with SMEs.

In view of the revision of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 16 January this year to provide centralized safety monitoring for all staff in the workplace, including everyday jobs, in order to avoid risk outsourcing, supplier-owned field workers now have access to a dedicated platform for conducting safety management tasks. Which offer information and survival manuals on disasters and safety.

“A POSCO ICT official said As the value of safety at industrial sites has risen considerably, security management is being introduced implementing smart technology such as IoT and drones, but these systems are not incorporated and run in fragments, so they are not successful.” He said, “We intend to create a smart security management framework based on a validated security management framework.