Instagram: live broadcasts will soon be able to host up to 4 accounts

According to the latest rumors, up to 4 guests will soon be able to connect live on the Instagram platform.

19:49 GMT, Thursday, December 3, 2020

Interactions between individuals have evolved in the current sense of the pandemic, and the use of video calls, historically restricted to a few people, has become almost normal.

This move is mirrored by the Instagram social network, seeking to reach its fans and increase the number of guests for each live show. They could quickly grow to three, according to the most recent rumors. Let’s explore the data.

Instagram: three visitors for each live game soon
Instagram aims to rely extensively on live streams, and so it has agreed to increase the number of users to a limit of four members after expanding the length up to 4 hours. The latest feature is called Live Rooms and is nothing more than an expansion of the feature that has been announced for more than three years now, enabling two people to partake in the same live stream.

Therefore, thanks to the latest addition, live streams can now handle up to four participants through a special UI designed to evenly divide the screen and thereby provide each user with the same bandwidth.

Live Rooms have been experimented with some Developers in India, according to what was reported by Instagram: the new format has been especially popular and the Facebook group company has agreed to make it publicly accessible for this purpose.

The launch of the new feature is limited only to users living in India and Indonesia, at least for the time being. So far it is not clear if Instagram will plan to launch it worldwide at a later period, as has already happened for other products. To learn new knowledge, we just have to wait a little while.