Intel CEO talks about chip production: May entrust a third-party company next year

Saturday, October 24, 2020, 13:22 GMT

Recently, in their third-quarter earnings conference call today, Intel’s CEO Bob Swan mentioned that Intel is likely to determine whether to commission a third party to manufacture the company’s chips early next year, and will retain the status quo this year.

Intel CEO talks about the possibility of entrusting third party companies to produce chips

Currently, Bob Swan listed a similar proposal in July this year. He claims that it should be ready to outsource any chip production and use the foundries of other firms if Intel experiences an emergency. Obviously, judging by the current situation, for the time being, they do not need to initiate such a programme.

In the conference call, Swan also said that the reason why there is no intention to start third-party development is mainly because the 7 nm process of Intel has been advancing smoothly since July, and the above-mentioned flaws have been resolved. It is not appropriate for them to take such drastic steps. Up Initiatives.