iOS 15 support models announced, this generation of classic iPhone will eventually exit

The well-known whistleblower The Verifier recently released a study on iOS 15 sponsored versions, according to 9to5Mac reports from international media. The study reveals that in the next-generation iOS device, Apple plans to publicly abandon support for iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and the first generation iPhone SE.

Monday, November 23, 2020, 16:40 GMT

It is understood that the media has correctly predicted that the iPhone 5S/6 series will be supported by iOS 13 and that the iOS 14 supported versions will be compliant with iOS 13.

In this way, the versions that iOS 15 supports will include:

● Model iPhone 2021

●iPhone 12 mega 12 mini

●iPhone 12 of 12

●iPhone 12 Pro Pro

●iPhone 12 Pro Max Max.

●iPhone 11 for

●iPhone 11 Pro Pro

●iPhone 11 Pro Max Max

● XS iPhone

●The iPhone XS Max

● XR iPhone

●The iPhone X

●The iPhone 8

●iPhone 8 Plus Plus

●iPhone 7

●iPhone 7 Plus

●iPhone SE (second generation)

●iPod touch (seventh generation)

By convention, the iOS 15 system will be released at the WWDC 2021 Developers Conference in the middle of next year at the earliest. At that time, Apple will release a beta version for users to upgrade their experience. As for the official version of iOS 15, it will not be released until the new iPhone is officially on sale.

In September 2015, the iPhone 6S series was launched, and in March 2016, the first generation of the iPhone SE was born. The pre-installed devices in the warehouse are all iOS 9. So far, Apple device upgrade support can be offered for these items. For these computers, even the new iOS 14 system still retains consistency.

The sales of the iPhone 6s series are still consistently ahead of the iPhone after several years. So far, we can already see a huge range of versions of iPhone 6s running worldwide.

While several approaches have now been used by Apple to prompt users of iPhone 6s to turn, they are also very committed to device upgrades. And if the iPhone 6 upgrade was formally discontinued by iOS 14 this year it successfully extended the life of the iPhone 6s for another year. The explanation is that in addition to the success of the cell phone itself that can bear iOS 14, no one can shake the first nail household” status of his mobile phone for an important reason.

Unfortunately, a new age of magic computers will finally come to an end. According to Apple’s practice, it would not be far from being an outdated commodity as the new device no longer follows the old one. It will be used and loved by people who are already adhering to the use of the iPhone 6S. The iPhone 6S has been in use for 5 years until this year, which can be replaced by a new one for consumers.