iPhone fell out of the plane and survived, filming the flight

The man dropped his iPhone at an altitude of 300 meters from a light aircraft. Not only did the unit recover, it filmed the entire course of the fall as well.

In Brazil, while shooting from an aircraft, ecologist and documentary filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto threw his iPhone to the ground. Not only did the phone live, but the way to the ground was also filmed.

Ernesto Galiotto, the documentary photographer, wanted to shoot a bird’s eye view of nature on his iPhone 6. At some moment, the guy took the phone from the window of the plane and dropped it. In 15 seconds, the phone soared 300 meters and crashed on the beach 200 meters from the sea.

Only the defensive foil of the screen was damaged after the fall. I captured videos for another hour and a half after the iPhone crashed. The next morning, when Ernesto Galiotto came for him the computer already had 16 percent of its fee.

The incident occurred in the Rio de Janeiro Lakes area during a flyover over Praia do Pero.

It was previously stated that the latest devices of the iPhone 12 Pro series from the American corporation Apple missed the strength test.

It was also announced that over a billion of its iPhones have been sold by Apple. In September the record was reached.