Iranian hackers say: We hacked into the subsidiary of IAI

Iranian attack group Pay2key says on Twitter that the security industry corporation Elta’s computers were compromised. IAI claimed that “the issue is under investigation”

Did the Iranian attack party Pay2key hack into the computers of Elta, an IAI subsidiary where the Iron Dome system is being built and produced, among other things?

On Thursday of this week, by presenting a poll on their Twitter account, a group of Iranian hackers provoked the Israeli public. In a tweet she wrote, she asked the public to respond to the survey by the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Health or IAI’s Elta Business, which aspect he thinks will be best to break into.

The group posted another tweet tonight saying that “next night will be Elta’s longest night.” After 83 percent of respondents said it was Elta, the group posted another tweet claiming that “next night will be Elta’s longest night.” Around the same moment, the dark web released documents reportedly derived from Elta networks, which were gained throughout the latest hack. IAI said that “the issue is under investigation.”

The cyber firm Clearsky released a report last weekend saying that the Pay2key attack group is an Iranian assault group that was detected after targeting 12 Israeli firms as early as November 2019. The group revealed last week that it had hacked into the Bana company’s servers, which designs artificial intelligence (AI) task processing chips, and submitted documents that reportedly resulted in the hack, dealing with a “Goya” chip created by the company, which was purchased for $2 billion by Intel a year ago.

It should also be remembered that the group gave itself the name ‘Winter is coming’ on Twitter, a term used by the leader of the Israeli cyber network in his public appearances, in another act of intimidation and intimidation, along with the name Pay2key.

Several significant cyber attacks have happened in Israel targeting civilian businesses in recent weeks. First was the insurance firm Shirbit, which the Russian assault group BlackShadow openly blackmailed. After, the attacking articles made headlines against the tech firm Amital, which also infected some of its companies, and the company Bana.

An unparalleled cyber-attack has been taking place in the United States since last Sunday . In a long line of big and key businesses like Microsoft. The assault is now taking place in the US, although several attempts are being made behind the scenes to diagnose the magnitude of the virus and the harm incurred as a result.