Is personal details been leaked to 1.3 million Hyundai Motor Corporation Russia customers? The Deep Web Post Sales Posts

According to a technology analyst who tracks the dark web and the deep web, it has been reported that an article was posted on the Deep Web Community Forum selling personal details of 1.3 million individuals who are estimated to have bought cars from the Russian subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Corporation.

It is understood that the customer’s name, contact details, e-mail, address, vehicle number, and car model name are included with the personal information sold, and certain samples are shared on the corresponding community forum.

As such, recent instances where consumer data or proprietary information is leaked on the dark web or deep web by multinational businesses, including major domestic companies, are becoming more and more common. This is a ‘double threat’ technique in which a ransomware hacker organization named ‘Maze’ discloses information to the dark web along with a ransomware assault against a corporation, and this tactic is adopted by other ransomware organizations. He keeps riding more and more as he goes.

Companies would either propose setting up a mechanism to periodically track the dark web or adding a dark web intelligence tool to mitigate harm by easily detecting whether the data is leaked to the dark web or deep web. That there is, it is pointed out.