Is the iPhone folding screen coming? Two prototypes are subject to preliminary testing

Folding screen smart phones tend to have been one of the production trends in upcoming mobile phones from the beginning of 2018 to the introduction of four brands and seven devices in 2020. The technical development of the folding screen has a natural appeal, at least in the placement of the flagship. As a consequence, Apple, which is good at making high-end flagship phones, prepares its own plans inevitably while having fun in the Android camp.

There is news today that Foxconn is testing the assembly structure of two cell phone prototypes with folding displays, and both solutions have passed the exam. These two prototypes are claimed to be from Apple. In other words, the iPhone folding screen is likely to arrive sooner than we had planned.

Not full cell phones, but only mobile phone shells and folding systems are the two solutions evaluated this time. The object of the test is to analyze the folding structure’s reliability.

One of the designs is identical to the Moto RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G vertical internal fold shape, and the other design is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series “flat folding” shape.

In the fourth quarter of last year, the iPhone 12 series was launched with 5G, a “full range” interface and new cameras, but the overall impression was still mediocre, much like the years before the iPhone X series was born. So Apple will, sooner or later, give the iPhone series a genuinely revolutionary concept, and let the iPhone stun the world again. The brand new design that the iPhone desperately wants is undoubtedly the foldable screen design that has evolved now.