Is the web search style in Windows 10 too anti-human? Teaching you how to absolutely shut it down

We know that Microsoft has improved the system’s search feature in Windows 10 in particular, but it’s still hard to call Windows 10 search easy to use. Windows 10 search still has practical implementation defects, instead of the old-fashioned issues such as inefficiency, little results, and machine stalls, it will show the web search results, and often it will take precedence over local search results. Uh! Entrance!

Provide an example. If you try to find Photoshop on Windows 10, for example, the first search is presumably not the Photoshop app built on your computer, but the result of the Photoshop search by Bing.

Searching for Windows 10 often gives Bing’s web search results priority, and the experience is not pleasant.

Windows 10 looks for stuff for us on Bing. Is it truly necessary?

People prefer to scan the Internet and are more used to opening the browser and then looking; searching for Windows 10 just needs to do the local search work, why bother doing this, or even taking the lead? Bing’s quest, however, is not very helpful.

How to turn off Windows 10 Search’s web search feature? Microsoft has finally issued a proposal recently.

If you are downloading the Windows 10 20H1/20H2 version of Windows 10, the Windows 10 Network Search functionality of Bing can be disabled by changing the registry. Here are the measures that are unique.

Next, open the device register and you can find it by looking directly.

After that, type the following direction directly into the address bar:

Computer\HKEY CURRENT USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CURRENT USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\

Then, name the newly created item “Explorer”.

Then, right-click Explorer and select “New DWORD 32-bit Value”.

Rename the newly created DWORD 32-bit value and name it “DisableSearchBoxSuggestions”

Finally, modify the content of this key, set to “1” to disable Windows 10 network search, and set to “0” to enable Windows 10 network search features.

Restart the device and it will take place with the update. From now on, searching for Windows 10 will only find local results and will not cause Bing to be superfluous.

Windows 10 search usually has several not-so-good designs, and one of them is site search. After users’ appeals, Microsoft’s method of shutting Windows 10 web search was introduced. Obviously, Microsoft is aware of this issue and hopes that in the future, Microsoft will convert this function into a switch to prevent the hassle of changing the register.