It is illegal to make virtual currency deposits! Keep out of these valueless scams!

For stocks? Crude Oil Fried? Gold fried? Both of these are out now! Then guess what has recently become popular… that is, virtual money!

Digital currency has been hyped up by people in recent years, but investing in virtual currency is still high-risk, and criminals such as bribery are easy to breed.

If you see the following instances of no return, will you really be tempted?

Event No. 1

Digital currency investing was defrauded by 600,000,000

Mr. Ye saw in the group of friends the contents of the financial investment, and was very pleased, so he contacted him.

Finally, a QR code was submitted to him by the other party. He learned that it was a digital currency trading site called “KGI Securities” after Mr. Ye searched the code and downloaded it.

Mr. Ye eventually moved 30,552.08 United States Dollars to the platform account, according to the prompt, and he did not plan to make a profit in just a few hours of 366,624.91 United States Dollars.

Ecstatic, he asked for withdrawal of currency, but was told to pay US Dollar 1,883.75 in taxes. But he was told after paying the tax that he had to pay again because of a mistake in the remarks. Finally, after paying 3 straight taxes and fees, Mr. Ye was nevertheless unable to withdraw cash and was defrauded with a sum of around 91,656.23 United States Dollars.

Event No. 2

Digital currency investment has been tricked out of 880,000

Living in Dinghai, Ms. Jin was involved in investing. She added and emailed a “Yeteacher” who on WeChat is good at finance and financial management, and was ultimately attracted by the other party into an investment club.

According to the “mentor” advice, Ms. Jin downloaded an app called “RPI Trader” to invest in virtual currency and gold, and eventually recharged it on the website several times under the guidance of the “mentor”

In the end, she abruptly learned that the “mentor” had excluded her from the investing community and hacked her, and the funds deposited in the platform could not be withdrawn, and she was defrauded by a sum of around 134,425.02 U.S. Dollars.

Event Three

Frying “Huobi” has been robbed out of 140,000

Mr. Li, who lives in Dinghai, got an unfamiliar call pretending to be ‘‘ customer service and asked him to take part in the investment.

He was drawn into a group called ‘GBA Business School 792 Exchange Group’ after Mr. Li introduced the other party. Mr. Li eventually heard of a virtual currency investment called the “mentor” network with the inclusion of the “Bermuda” in the community.

Police Remind The Police

  1. Investors should be suspicious of ultra-high-yield portfolios and not be misled by interest rates that are temporarily high.
  2. All the common tricks of scammers are outsiders, suggesting stocks, revealing so-called inside information, etc.
  3. In the early stages, individual victims will earn minor short-term benefits. The website will not open until the volume of investment is immense.
  4. Look rationally at the seemingly tall “blockchain” and “virtual currency” terms, and don’t readily trust in the enticing promise of high return on investment and escape loss-causing blind investment.