It is reported that Apple is looking for Samsung M1 to buy a Mac and guess it

It is rarely limited to only one supplier, according to Apple’s transparent policy, unless it is not feasible for others.

Sunday, November 22, 2020, 12:41 GMT

It is claimed that Samsung is expected to receive a partial replacement of Apple’s M1 chips as Samsung’s 5nm processing capability is about to enter mass production, and TSMC is unable to satisfy the requirement for large-scale foundry M1 chips with a large number of A14 processors for Apple. Orders for jobs.

Most of the existing capacity of the 5nm process of TSMC is used, according to the study, for OEM Apple A14 bionic processor and M1 chip orders, which are estimated to account for 25 percent of the process capacity of 5nm. Samsung’s 5nm process yield rate is not so high compared with TSMC, which is why Apple has always supplied TSMC as an exclusive OEM with its own A14 processor.

Some reports said that Apple could not consider using Samsung’s 5nm process if TSMC’s output potential is not at the max.