It is rumored that Apple’s 2022 iPhone uses a periscope-type telephoto lens

According to media sources cited on December 8, Apple (US) may use Samsung-made components on certain iPhone models released in 2022 as a long periscope (or folding) on certain iPhone models.

Focus camera lens, thus improving the capability of optical zoom.

Please remember:

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G main module is equipped with the upcoming 108MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor with 0.8 μm pixels (supporting 9-in-1 binning) and autofocus Super PD. Up to 3 times the lossless digital zoom can be carried out.

A dedicated 3x telephoto camera with a 10MP sensor (ISOCELL Fast 3J1), 1.22μm pixels and dual-pixel AF will also be fitted with the phone. Wide-angle and 3x telephoto cameras can combine data with more than 3x zoom (next to each other).

The folding periscope will take over once it reaches 10x magnification. This will use the same 10MP 3J1 sensor as the other telephoto camera (the Note20 Ultra periscope module has a 1.4μm pixel 12MP sensor, for comparison).

Finally, with an IMX563 sensor (1.4μm, 1/2.55 inch), there is a 12MP ultra-wide camera. On the back of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, this is the only Sony sensor. The phone will stick to the Note20 Ultra’s laser autofocus assistance function.