‘It only takes few minutes to penetrate a computer’

“The US is under attack, actually this is happening every day.”

Noting that cyber attacks against the USA have been going on for a long time, only the latest attacks have just come to light, Taş said, “The USA is under attack. The characteristic of these cyber attacks is that they are not like physical attacks such as tanks and cannons every 40 years, they actually happen every day. The problem is, you don’t know if you have been attacked, if the attack has worked, it is a very difficult problem to know. ” he spoke.

Noting that even the detection of cyber attacks is a great success, Taş said:

“This is a state attack, definitely Russia is behind it. Certain cybersecurity companies approved by federal agencies, including the US Department of Defense, provide services to the government. They are the weakest link in this business, infiltrating their systems first, and from there to very large places. There are other companies that serve that company rather than infiltrate the state, entered through a company called Solarwinds. So the pain of this will come from everywhere. This is more recent, not just in America. ”

Stating that cyber wars should be seen as an intelligence war between states, Taş said, “Just as it can be said that the intelligence war happens every day, other wars every 40 years, cyber war is a part of this intelligence gathering right now. So it happens every day. ” said.

Stating that it is being discussed how the US will respond to the cyber attacks it has suffered, Taş said, “I am anxiously waiting for what will happen, where this business will go, they can give an answer because they accuse it very seriously.” found the assessment.

“It takes 2 minutes to access a new computer”:

Noting that it takes about two minutes for the Russians to reach any open computer on the internet with bots, which are automated internet robots, Taş said that they have conducted a test study and published an opinion on this.

Stone continued as follows:

“Get a new computer, put it on the internet, let it stay on the open internet. Regardless of the purpose, it takes an average of 2 minutes for the Russians to find it and knock on its door. We did this work, we tested 10 separate computers, Verizon, Microsoft, Amazon data centers, all of them. It takes 2 minutes. How does he do it? Of course, there are no people behind them, they have agents that we call automated bots, they automatically scan the whole internet. “

“The transition from home to work, which will last for 3 years, was 3 months with Kovid-19”

New type coronavirus Stating that with the (Kovid-19) epidemic, the cyber space of companies was quickly opened to access from home, Taş warned that this also posed new threats and that his pain would come out in a couple of years.

Taş noted the following about working from home:

“Nobody was ready for this, I am talking about very serious giant companies. We were saying that these would come to this environment in 3 to 3.5 years. First we were going to 5G, and then we were slowly saying houses. With Kovid-19, this fit within 3 months. Therefore, nobody was ready, they had to do it. They did this by leaving huge gaps. Now, all of those vulnerabilities are being used. “

Stating that despite the increase in cyber attacks, defense systems have also improved and one should not be too pessimistic, Taş said, “In this area, white hats are more than black hats. Therefore, we white hats are as far ahead as the aggressors. ” used the expressions.