KAIST, 30,000 sensitive data leaked by faculty and students due to hacking

By hacking the electronic study notebook scheme, E- Land Group and Kakao’s affiliate Ground One were also hacked.

16:29 GMT, Saturday, December 5, 2020

Developed in Korea to nurture scientific talents. It was discovered that in the aftermath of a cyber assault by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), a special national university that has been founded, a number of personal data of faculty members and students was leaked.

On the 4th, KAIST revealed on the 4th that it had sent an e-mail to more than 3,800 teachers, faculty, and researchers who had leaked their personal information. Name, KAIST Portal ID, KAIST email, department, department, employee number, and student number are included in the leaked documents.

According to the ‘Personal Information Leakage Warning Notification’ e-mail sent by the school on November 11, an alleged hacking attempt was detected by the KAIST electronic research note system, which tracks and maintains research notes that document the progress of research and studies by faculty and students. Accordingly, on 16 November, the school narrowed the access route to allow access only inside the IP band of the campus, and it was known that during the ensuing inspection process, personal details of students and faculty was leaked.

KAIST asked, “In order to access the KAIST portal and report damages and suspected cases, students and faculty members who received the e-mail should change their password.” It turned out to be.

On the other side, E-Land Group recently infiltrated the Clop ransomware organization’s internal registry, resulting in damage to the ransomware intrusion and leaked card information, which is suspected to be customers’ credit card information. Hackers stole public cloud accounts, and more than 2,000 personal details contained in the cloud document management system of the organization was leaked.

As such, during the year-end and New Year holidays, emergency lights were illuminated in safety management as cyber threats against organisations and enterprises have been ramping up lately.