KISA conducts simulation training in response to intrusion incidents with domestic cloud providers

Mock testing will be undertaken for 6 days from November 16th in order to improve the capacity of cloud protection accredited providers to respond to cyber intrusion incidents.

Sunday, November 15, 2020, 13:52 GMT

As the non-face-to-face culture has become popular thanks to the latest Corona 19, the number of businesses that embrace or use the cloud is growing exponentially.

Moreover, there are growing worries regarding security risks such as malware and data leakage targeted at cloud vulnerabilities.

In order to enhance the capacity of cloud operators to respond to intrusion incidents, KISA provides comprehensive simulation training in the areas of high-risk high-risk data leakage and account hijacking in a cloud environment. For 8 cloud vendors who have gained security clearance, this mock training is run in a different way than before.

Centered on ‘MITRE ATT&CK’, a common system using a hazard model for breach incidents, we expect to validate the capacity to respond to breach incidents by realistic preparation and offer personalized consultation according to the findings.

Miter Assault is a paradigm of behavior-based violation that analyzes hacking company Lazarus and APT37 attack methods, strategies and procedures by MITRE, an American non-profit organization.

“It is important to create digital trust by improving cloud security in a non-face-to-face society that has evolved rapidly in recent years.” Based on this we will continue our efforts to raise awareness of information security and increase the level of information safety, such as running tailored simulation training required for cloud companies.”