KT Holds’Communication Big Data Platform Road Show’, which gathered in one place for communication big data

The ‘2020 Connectivity Big Data Network Market Roadshow’ was held by KT. 11 member organizations including KT, the supervisor of the telecommunications big data network, engaged in and personalized consultations on big data on different issues such as floating population, industrial districts, and tourism in the 2020 Telecommunication Big Data Platform Market Roadshow.

Saturday, 21 November 2020, 14:54 GMT

The event was visited by about 100 small to medium-sized investment firms and start-ups, confirming the strong interest of companies in big data.

In this roadshow,’ Gyeonggi University Big Data Center,’ which provides and analyzes distribution data that attracts more attention in the era of Corona 19,’ Incredible Food Solution,’ which provides individual health status and clinical symptoms with customized diet knowledge, and analyzes and processes big data. ‘Zero to One Partners,’ which in the process addresses clients’ business challenges, gained considerable interest.

With data provision and technological assistance for small to medium-sized investment companies and start-ups seeking to introduce creative services using big data, KT will take the lead in building a big data ecosystem.

In the meantime the Ministry of Research, ICT and ICT and the Korea Knowledge Society Agency have carried out the ‘Big Data Network and Center Building Programme’ since 2019 in order to collect and trigger data in line with the 4th industrial revolution.

KT is a hosting firm for big data telecommunications networks, offering over 150 categories of big data in partnership with 14 companies, such as BC Credit (card payment) and NextG (tourism). The big data collaboration network offers data essential for the digital marketing operations of an organization, such as floating population, usage, and business districts, along with tailored research reports and consultation according to the company’s needs.

Chae-hee Kim, Vice President of the AI/Big Data Market Division of KT, said The Big Data communication platform provides valuable data to companies that need data.” In other sectors, we will lead transformation and innovation.