“Legacy problems” do not get around where the second-hand phone number comes from

Saturday, October 17, 2020, 3:24 GMT

Telecom industry insiders: try to select numbers through official channels and check the status of the number binding App immediately

I bought a new mobile phone number but received frequent debt collection calls, harassment calls, and tickets for unfamiliar vehicles… Recently, some netizens have received widespread attention. Why do these numbers still keep the memory of the former owner? It is understood that this is because of the existence of second-hand numbers. A second-hand mobile phone number refers to a mobile phone number that has been cancelled or abandoned by a user for various reasons. After a period of freezing, it is re-listed for sale to new users.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found that at present, the market for selling second-hand mobile phone numbers is mainly the official channels of the three major operators and the online trading platforms of agents. Among them, the agent’s online trading platform is extremely hot, and the sales price of the famous number and the lucky number is more than 10,000 yuan, which is dazzling. However, the operator recommends that users buy phone numbers through official channels, such as offline business halls and online mobile phone business halls.


Online shopping platform:

Section 139 sold up to 66,000 yuan

Enter the words “second-hand number” on the search platform, and a series of second-hand number online store advertisements immediately pop up. The main products are mobile phone numbers 139, 138, 137, 188, etc., including mobile numbers, China Unicom numbers, telecom numbers, and card prices You can choose the interval, ranging from tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

You can see on the 139 number selection page that the card fee varies greatly due to different numbers and arrangement rules. For example, a 1390118AABB number has a card fee of up to 66,000 yuan and a monthly call fee of 55 yuan; a 1390136ABCC number, card The charge price is 36,300 yuan, and the phone bill is 40 yuan per month. A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily asked the customer service of the website to find out what is the status of the second-hand number and whether there is an app that has not been untied. This customer service responded: “You can find it by searching directly.” However, the customer service is not willing to directly search how and where. Answer, but say: “You choose the number first.”

According to observations, the homepages of some online shopping second-hand number platforms also clearly indicate that they have cooperative relationships with the three major operators of China Mobile, Telecom, and China Unicom.

In this regard, China Telecom clearly stated: “The second-hand number trading platform does not have our official sales channel.” Other operators revealed that these platforms may be agents of several levels and belong to unofficial channel controlled sales.

Mobile business hall:

The old section is currently only 137 on sale

In a China Mobile cooperative business hall located in the North Second Ring Road, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily asked as a customer whether there are second-hand numbers 139, 138, and 137 on sale.

The mobile staff said that the second-hand numbers in the 139 and 138 segments are out of stock. “Now the mobile business halls in Beijing only start with 137.” She showed the computer page while introducing, and users can’t buy numbers individually, only The second-hand number is obtained by purchasing a call package. The minimum call package fee is 49 yuan, including 15G data flow and 300 minutes of call charges. “The 138 section package will be more expensive, the minimum is 158 yuan per month.” The staff member said. The staff of the mobile business hall suggested that if you do not insist on asking for numbers starting with 139 and 138, “137 is also good, and the cost is low.”

Regarding how long these second-hand numbers starting with 137 have been frozen, the staff member said: “It’s not more than 3 months. They have been frozen for many years. If you are not at ease, wait for the number to be selected. Can help you check if it has any unbundled apps.”

Dispel doubts

Where do the second-hand numbers sold in the market come from?

It is understood that there are two main sources of second-hand mobile phone numbers, one is the user who is out of service in arrears, and the other is the user’s cancellation number. What is the standard for the overdue shutdown? According to China Telecom, mobile phone users are divided into prepaid and postpaid according to the payment method. Prepaid users need to deposit fees in advance, and when the user account balance is insufficient to deduct the fees, the machine will stop immediately. The payment period for postpaid users is from the 2nd of the following month to the end of the month, and the machine will be shut down if the payment expires.

According to China Telecom’s customer service staff, if the user continues to owe fees, the mobile phone number will enter the recovery freeze period in the first month after 60 days of owing. According to national regulations, the freezing period is 90 days. After 90 days of silence, the number can be sold to other users again.

However, some people in the industry revealed that many recalled numbers are used for internal testing, and most of the numbers put on the market are new numbers, and it is unlikely that the problem numbers will be put on the market.

The Telecommunications Management Regulations of the People’s Republic of China clearly stipulate that telecommunications resources are under the unified management of the state, reasonably allocated, and used for compensation. The telecommunications resources mentioned in the preceding paragraph refer to limited resources such as radio frequencies, satellite orbit positions, and telecommunications network code numbers that are used to implement telecommunications functions. As of July 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has allocated 5.013 billion code number resources for public mobile communications services.

Why are the second-hand numbers not cleared completely and so frequently?

It is understood that users suffering from problematic second-hand mobile phone numbers have appeared since a few years ago. The main reason is that the current mobile phone number is more than just communication. Various App applications need to be bound to the mobile phone number. A large number of mobile phone applications need to register with the mobile phone number and complete real-name authentication. In this process, some users forget to unbind the registered applications after changing their mobile phone numbers. There will also be people with ulterior motives, such as borrowers and credit card overdrafts who deliberately abandon their mobile phone numbers to avoid collection.


an expert:

Try to buy second-hand numbers through official channels

Operator customer service and insiders in the telecom industry suggest that when users buy second-hand mobile phone numbers, try to select numbers through official channels, such as offline business halls and online mobile phone business halls. The number identities are more secure and reliable, and “past tense” should be avoided as much as possible. “Remaining problem. In the official channel, users can also check the status of the number binding App immediately, so as not to purchase a problematic number.

As for the management of second-hand numbers, telecommunications experts suggest that operators should lengthen the vacant period for reclaiming numbers to a certain extent to reduce the probability of users being harassed after numbers are assigned again.

In addition, service rule information exchange should be realized between mainstream applications. For example, many applications support WeChat payment. If an account has no usage history within 3 months, you must log in again, otherwise it will be considered unbound.