LG will announce the new QNED Mini LED TV series at CES 2021

Manufacturer LG has recently reported that the latest series of QNED Mini LED TVs will be revealed during the next CES 2021.

The latest internet version of the well-known CES 2021 technology fair will take place within just a few weeks. Several very revolutionary and exciting technical devices will be officially launched at this event and the Korean giant LG has recently announced that it will launch the latest QNED Mini LED TVs on this occasion.

LG is ready to unveil the new Mini LED TV series at CES 2021.
The well-known manufacturer LG intends to reveal many new features for the coming year. First of all, as announced by the same company, the company will publicly launch the latest series of Mini Directed TVs at the CES 2021 fair .

The latter will be marketed under the QNED brand and will be distinguished by the inclusion of Quantum Dot and NanoCell, two new technologies. It would be necessary to achieve greater chromatic fidelity than in the past, thanks to both.

Besides this, the inclusion of various mini LEDs will be another key feature of these new TVs (we are talking about a maximum of 30,000 mini LEDs and 2500 independent control zones). The displays’ resolution would then be very high, equivalent to 8K and Ultra HD. Other essential characteristics should also be present. In fact, there is talk of a high refresh rate (equal to at least 100-120 Hz), Dolby Atmos support, HDR support, and obviously the smart TV platform presence.

However, in order to see these new LG TVs in motion, we will have to wait until the next technology fair, CES 2021 . There will also be more scientific and practical descriptions of these items on this occasion.