Line app for iPad introduces FIDO-based passwordless login function

Increased comfort and stability by substituting biometric details such as fingerprints, ears, and irises for lock-in passwords.

Thursday, November 12, 2020, 10:48 GMT

In the messenger line app for iPad, implemented a FIDO-based ‘Passwordless Login’ feature.

Consequently, without entering an ID and password, the user can only log in using the biometric information stored on the smartphone. It plans to introduce this feature on the basis of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) international standard for biometric authentication in order to minimize security risks and to assist users in the secure and easy use of the line.

As a member of the board in 2017, Line joined the FIDO Partnership, an international consortium of biometric authentication standards, and added the FIDO2 authentication system to the’Line Pay’ quick payment service in 2019. With this update, also in the Line app for iPad, Line users can log in via FIDO2 biometric authentication (fingerprint, ears, iris, etc.).

This reduces the complexity of entering a password and helps you to more easily access your account than using a phone number, email address or password.

On the other hand, you must first register biometric details on your smartphone and attach it to your Line account in order to use the biometric login feature in the LINE iPad app.

Then, to complete the phone number authentication, open the Line app on the iPad, pick ‘Login with cell phone’ on the iPad and smartphone connection page, and follow the directions on the smartphone screen. You can authenticate yourself after signing in for the first time using the 6-digit identification number shown on the screen of the smartphone.