local government management domain of the japanese municipalities injected with adult posts

Abuse of local government management domain was discovered one after another, and adult diversion without getting rid of “disposable feeling”

A variety of occasions have existed where websites operated by municipal municipalities have been used on unauthorized pages in the past. In certain cases, municipal councils use it for limited-time programs and festivals, then give it up, and a third party reacquires it and diverts it to a place unrelated to the Japanese government.

The domains used by the prefecture of Tottori, the prefecture of Odate, the prefecture of Akita, the prefecture of Kobe, the prefecture of Hyogo, and the prefecture of Ibaraki were sold by undertakings dealing with domains used, even if only the amount confirmed in September to November 2020. In both cases, unacceptable areas were opened immediately after completion of the auction.

As of December 10, 2020, the domain of Odate District, Akita Prefecture, which has been used for child-rearing support programs, is an adult site. In March 2020, sites such as child-rearing assistance relocated to a new domain, according to Odate Area, and the deal with the local IT provider that had outsourced the site was canceled. When he first heard about the condition and checked with the contractor who terminated the deal, it was discovered that the contractor had left the domain in the summer of 2020.

As a result, the domain was turned over to a third party less than a year after the move to the new site, and the migration process, such as updating the connection, was inadequate. This is the first time I’ve realized that a domain can be misused in a third party’s hands,”This is the first time I’ve realized that a domain can be misused in the hands of a third party.”

The domain used for hometown tax payments by Tottori Prefecture and the domain used for regional marketing programs by Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture are currently being transferred to promotional and recruiting advertising pages for entirely different products.

As of November 2020, it has been reported that a third party has purchased the domain used by Ibaraki Prefecture for PR operations in the prefecture. By December 10, a new hair restorer site had been launched by a person pretending to be a cosmetologist.

The municipal administration domain of Umami

A process in which a third party acquires a domain whose expiry date has expired is called “drop catch” directed at the timing when re-registration becomes feasible. Domains that have been used up can be dropped-caught only after 2019, including central government offices and public interest companies, according to Yoshiki Ishida, president of Japan Network Enabler (JPNE), which is active in domain service enlightenment operations. It has confirmed more than 10 cases.

In March 2019, the jurisdiction of the old portal platform used by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Athletics, Science and Technology in the “Inter-university Collaboration Joint Education Promotion Project” at the central government office was passed on to a third party.

It was closed as of December 10, but was used by adult sites for a time. The domain of the “Osaka Port 150th Anniversary Project” special site used by Osaka City was passed over to a third party in October 2019, and was used for a while as an adult site. The city of Osaka has grown into a condition on its official website that draws interest.

JPNE President Ishida points out that compared to private corporations, the number of instances where territories formerly operated by public entities are dropped-caught and illegally used is comparatively growing. While the question of letting go of the territory has permeated among private corporations, it has not adequately spread among local governments. It is said that, due to inadequate knowledge of the possibility of letting go of the domain after use, there are continuing cases of purchasing domains as if they were disposable.

Links to domains used in public enterprises and activities are listed on the official websites of local councils and the number of users is relatively high. In terms of SEO (search engine optimization), the high valuation of domains also boosts the tendency to be hit by drop captures.