Loongson.NET launches open source sharing officially and expands with developers

“Open Source, Sharing, Innovation” is the focus of this meeting, with the hub being the offline city of Suzhou, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Xiamen, Jiaodong and other regions. It’s a large meeting of Chinese .NET developers, touching hundreds of thousands of online + offline members, including 10+ cities.

5 conference sites and almost 50 hot technology subjects are included in the summit. Tens of thousands of developers will carry out in-depth exchanges on different cutting-edge “.NET development and product design” technology topics.

“Dr. Qi Ao, head of the Loongson.NET project and JVM, gave a keynote speech on “Loongson.NET Arriving” at this developer conference, and officially launched Loongson.NET.

This suggests that the domestic Loongson already supports .NET, has more versatile distribution capabilities, which would further expand the ecological production framework of the Loongson program. “Ms. Julia Liuson, senior vice president of the Global Development Platform Division of Microsoft, specifically mentioned at the meeting: “The Chinese .NET community has already made a number of successful contributions to the open source .NET initiative. The transplant of the Loongson network, in particular, is a really large effort, thanks to the Godson team.

This time, the Loongson .NET 3 update is based on .NET Core 3.1 and supports all of the major features of this version, including GC, AOT, etc. CoreCLR, CoreFX, ASP.NET Core and other libraries are equivalent to x64/arm64 test passes.

It also supports the Loongson CPU family, including the multi-channel single-channel Loongson 3A4000/3A3000/3A2000, Loongson 2K1000, etc. Several operating systems are supported, including Loongnix, Debian, UOS, Kylin, etc. Loongson will conduct long-term repair work on Loongson in the future. NET to keep the group on pace.

Loongson has continued to follow through with .NET as a main initiative since last year. We started investigating specifications and versions in May 2019. In August 2019, the development was successful, and in October, the first Hello World was released, and some JIT and printing functions were completed for the virtual machine initialization. The .NET web application was introduced in May 2020, the CoreCLR version of Loongson was opened on June 18, the early beta version was released in July, and the version of the production candidate was launched in December.

Godson will aim to enhance the consistency of .NET goods in the future and will offer improved facilities and experience for consumers. Loongson will also engage actively in the construction of the .NET community, send the community back Loongson’s role, and aim to incorporate upstream. Around the same time, developers and domestic .NET enthusiasts are called on to engage in .NET virtual machine research and research. Loongson is able to help more domestic developers grasp the underlying technologies and gain more ground from underlying networks such as CoreCLR, which would also be helpful to .NET’s outstanding technology.

Through the open source warehouse offered by Godson, interested developers can compile by themselves to understand the actual situation of this version.