Meet the enterprise that aims to be quantum computing’s Google

Three science doctors are working on the “second quantum revolution” of Quantum Computers. The aim is to have immense computing forces for mankind. The promising start-ups of 2020.

Is the ancient man terrified of the sight of a phone? Is he willing to fantasize even a pinch of our planet today for himself? Dr. Itamar Sivan, CEO of Quantum Machines (QM) Startup claims the ancient man must have been afraid, because there is no way he would have expected anything in our universe. At least the ancient man did not describe it. But in his opinion, we too are primitive human beings, so we are unable to comprehend the true sense of the “Second Quantum Revolution.”

It is a revolution in its infancy, and mankind would have incomparable computing forces at its hands at the end of it the applications of which are incomprehensible.

Could the caveman have imagined what we have today?

Perhaps all he knows now is the fire that was discovered 50,000 years ago, and his brain is just starting to evolve. He can’t imagine a phone. If I show him a phone, he’s not surprised by it, he’s “Could the caveman have imagined what we have today? All he knows maybe now is the fire that was discovered 50,000 years ago, and his brain is just beginning to evolve. A phone he can not imagine. If I show him a phone he is not amazed by it, he ” It’s unlike anything he’s seen,” Sivan is trying to get the message across.”

No strain will bring Dr. Sivan out of a science fiction tale about a quantum future, and we are compelled to hold to the illusion of a quantum machine so strong that it will accomplish things that could not be done by a regular, classical computer. For example, breaking all cryptography in the universe that all we have tried to conceal will be discoverable.

Meanwhile the doctors Jonathan Cohen and Nissim Ofek, both quantum physicists like him and his founding colleagues, are trying to construct the universe around quantum computers. The first of these machines are now being installed in the underground laboratories of the major powers, by the tech giants IBM and Google, and a few other smaller and lesser-known firms, but there is hardly anybody who has not heard of QM in the region, in Israel and abroad.