Microsoft publishes U.S. Election Security Study, dramatically growing corporate hacking activities

The US presidential election is approaching and there is growing pressure on the technology companies.

How to keep malicious entities from intervening is a daunting task ahead of them. Microsoft claimed in a newly updated official blog post that international hacker organizations’ operations toward the U.S.
presidential election have dramatically increased.

The blog post claimed that in the last few weeks, cyber attacks on Trump and Biden have increased considerably.

These attacks emerged mostly from three classes of hackers, namely Strontium, Zirconium and Phosphorus.

Strontium has influenced more than 200 organizations since September 2019, including American consultants assisting Republicans and Democrats, as well as national and state-party organizations. Modus operandi for Strontium involved collecting login credentials to delete accounts.

And in the last few months Zirconium has launched thousands of attacks, of which 150 have been successful.
Microsoft has announced that Zirconium has taken a two-pronged cybercrime strategy.

One of them is for those directly linked to the presidential campaign: Biden’s campaign has always been the main focus, and the Trump administration has been associated with at least one person beforehand.

The second aspect of the plan of the company is for targeting prominent individuals interested in foreign relations.
Zirconium uses “internet beacons” to assess if the target user has a network that is legitimate and to use it for reconnaissance.

Microsoft had cracked down on the Phosphorus company last year, and with the aid of the court, it is about to make an concerted attempt to monitor the names of the network domain that this organization uses.
Phosphorus has repeatedly attempted to log in to President Trump ‘s staff accounts, according to the paper, but they failed.

Although these hacking organizations’ activities have increased, Microsoft said it has thwarted several
attempts to threaten the U.S. election and has regularly alerted those targeted. Says the firm.