More than 200 million people have signed up for Amazon Prime

According to a recent shareholder letter from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the company’s Prime service currently has more than 200 million subscribers, up 50 million from the start of 2020. Amazon’s net sales in 2020 will be 21.3 billion dollars, according to Bezos.

Bezos said he was not “content with the outcome” of the trade union’s recent attempts to form a union in Alabama. The proposal to form a union in the Amazon warehouse was defeated by a 2-1 margin.

He said, “I believe we need to do more for our workers.” “I know we need a stronger vision, that is, how to build value for workers: to get them a vision of prosperity, even though the vote result is one-sided and our direct interaction with employees is very similar.”

Bezos will step down as Amazon CEO later this year, but he will remain on the board of directors as executive chairman.