More than 40,000 games have been deleted from China’s Apple App Store today

In order to send version number details in the past, Apple released a notification email asking game developers in China.

The email reveals that it is important to enter the game version number and supporting files in the App Details section of the App Store Connect game page for the developer’s paying games or games with in-app purchases to be used on the App Store in China, and before December 31 to send changes to the App Check. Unless the game version number is submitted, games that are not submitted as needed will not be available on the App Store in China after December 31st.

Master Cicada figures indicate that 47,692 applications have been deleted today from the Apple App Store, half of them are gaming goods, and most of them are version-free titles, including “NBA 2K20,” “Assassin’s Creed: True Colors,” and “Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition,” “Hell Frontier,” etc.

“Apple pushed an announcement to the majority of domestic developers early in February this year, requiring the game version number to be submitted before June 30. In the announcement at that time, Apple said, “The game needs to receive the approval number given by China’s State Administration of Press and Publishing. Therefore, before June 30, 2020, please supply us with any paying games you intend to release in mainland China. Provide the game’s approval number for in-app purchases.