Moskvich lost 11 million cryptocurrency following a random link

Stolen Muscovite Cryptocurrency
A Moscow resident lost a bitcoin worth 1.2 million dollars, mistakenly hitting a phishing platform. The guy lost more than six bitcoins and 70 Ethereum, TASS writes, quoting a law enforcement source. A pre-investigation check has commenced on this reality.

As a law enforcement official told TASS, a Muscovite who claimed he was the user of a cryptocurrency – more than six bitcoins and 70 Ethereum for a sum of around $1.2 million – got a statement from the authorities.

According to the survivor, he went to to get into his personal account in November 2020, via a QR code, but found that all his funds from the account were gone. It later found out that the applicant had accessed the web with a phishing replica. Phishing is a type of online fraud in which the identity details of the user (login, password, etc is fooled by submitting false updates from banks, vendors, payment networks and other organizations.

The factors may be called differently. There could be a data loss, a system malfunction, etc.

Why Phishing with Cryptocurrency Functions
Spamming emails reportedly sent on behalf of a cryptocurrency wallet or trading sites are the simplest variant of cryptocurrency phishing. Such fake messages tend to be substantially more informative, tidy, and cleverly written than normal phishing messages. It may even be an invitation to take part in a survey devoted to some events in the cryptocurrency universe, for which some sort of incentive is promised, following the connection.